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Technique, Experience, Taste

The single most important factor when it comes to setting up a work team is probably trust.


It takes experience, talent and dedication to make the most out of all of a production’s available resources, as well as to foresee and weather the obstacles that unavoidably come up, in order to get the most ambitious projects done. This is, in essence, the added value that Claudio brings to the projects he engages with.


Do what you love...
 …and you’ll never stop working, ever.


Here you’ll find a few original content samples. The pieces included in this section are the author’s own, non-commissioned work, the idea behind which is to offer the visitor a taste of the artist’s own style, unaltered by the requirements of any third parties. For commissioned work, please see the “Clients” section.


Original 2D animation shorts, teasers and trailers. Some of these are still in the process of securing funding opportunities. Should you be interested in producing any of these projects, or wish to create new original content, please feel free to contact Claudio.


Both traditionally and digitally created pieces, these are examples of the artist’s capacity for exploration, his versatility and his various resources when it comes to creating conceptual art.



From sketches to polished, colored images, in this section you’ll find the kind of work that are usually hidden from the spectator’s view: doodles, drafts, experiments, character designs—in sum, anything born out of the sheer pleasure of drawing.

Commissioned awesomeness
These are a few of the companies Claudio has had the pleasure of working with.

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